Change of Heart Tree:

The Youth Group of St. Therese will be posting a “Change of Heart” tree in the vestibule during the season of Lent. To start the season, the branches will be bare. Lenten action cards, shaped like leaves, will be available in a basket below the tree. All children of the parish are invited to take a card, perform the activity on it for the week, and return it the following week. We will then add the “leaves” to the tree. Hopefully, by the end of Lent, our tree will be in full bloom with good deeds done for Jesus by the children of our parish.

Easter Egg Hunt: (Pending)

The youth group of St. Therese will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, April 5 at 1:00 pm in the upper parking lot. All children of the parish ages birth-10 years old are invited to participate.

Please park in the lower parking lots and walk to the upper lot. Children ages birth-5 will hunt for eggs on the hill above the parking lot and
children 6-10 will hunt for eggs across the street in the yard behind the parish center. We hope to see you all there!